Bruce P. Abel is an analyst for the Partnership and also provides strategic input. Mr. Abel has over twenty years’ experience as portfolio manager for a large US mutual fund complex. Mr. Abel has also served as secretary of the mutual fund company participating in strategic positioning of the firm. Previously, Mr. Abel was employed with Brookhaven National Laboratory, beginning in 1989, where he worked researching, developing and implementing technical and scientific programs and systems in the areas of nuclear physics, computer programming and industrial design. During that time, Mr. Abel was also a freelance writer for Academic Science News and Review, researching, reporting and providing scholarly analysis and insight on a myriad of issues and developments in the fields of science and technology in 1999. Mr. Abel received a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Nuclear Engineering from Manhattan College, and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1987.


Thomas A. Digilio is an analyst for the Partnership and credit specialist. Mr. Digilio has over 26 years of commercial and residential mortgage banking experience where he has gained extensive experience in mortgage origination, underwriting and secondary market analysis. Mr. Digilio is currently managing partner of The Mortgage Capital overseeing commercial and residential mortgage origination. Previously, Mr. Digilio was employed by Green Point Mortgage as manager of the New York Metropolitan sales division. In this capacity, Mr. Digilio established mortgage production exceeding $1 billion per year. Mr. Digilio has an MBA in Banking and Finance from Dowling College (1998) as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management science from Cortland  University (1993). Mr. Digilio is a member of National Association of Mortgage Brokers and New York Association of Mortgage Brokers.


Steven T. Russell is head legal counsel for Magnetic Advisers, LLC and the Partnership. In this capacity, Mr. Russell will be responsible for all legal due diligence matters related to the Partnership's investments. Mr. Russell is an attorney admitted to practice in New York and a tenured professor of Business at Suffolk County Community College.  For over fifteen years Mr. Russell has sat as, and currently is, an independent board member of several large US mutual funds.  Mr. Russell’s expertise is in the area of private equities, organizational structures and commercial transactions.  Mr. Russell received a Law Degree from Hofstra University in 1991 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stony Brook University.