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Small Actions, Extraordinary Outcomes

When we look at the enormous social issues these days—the pandemic, the “she-cession,” racial inequality—we tend to think that only enormous action can lead to results. This type of thinking can lead to inaction, as we become overwhelmed by all that has to be done. But as the research being done into personal growth shows that small incremental actions can have extraordinary outcomes. Just lacing up your sneakers and walking five minutes every day for a week can lead to healthy new habits that have enormous impact. The same holds true for companies that truly want to show up as a force for good. These companies can become the engine that drives positive change by taking small actions every day, by considering the ethos of “doing good” with each decision they make, in each interaction they have.

2020 bore witness to a lot of companies “talking the talk” and saying the right things. What we need in 2021 is for companies to step up and take action. Doing that takes more than just a few well phrased tweets and a check sent to a big-name charity. It takes incorporating purpose and passion into the DNA of your company. Companies can start to make a difference by being a little better every day, making small incremental shifts in how they think about and do “business.” As James Clear says in Atomic Habits, “You choose the future with your actions each day.”



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