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Worth Media Highlights Magnetic ReImagine Initiative

As Featured in Worth, December 1, 2020, in partnership with Phin

2020 is the Year of _____? How would you fill in the blank? For many of us, 2020 has been a challenging year with pervasive issues like COVID-19, economic uncertainty, climate devastation and social injustice, to name a few. The temptation is to view 2020 as the Year of Trying Times, to put it mildly. But what if we could collectively take action to turn 2020 around and reimagine it as a Year for Good? Rather than accepting that it is a lost cause, if businesses rally across the nation to create positive social impact, we can make this year one to be remembered for the incredibly powerful, positive realignment of business as a force for good.

This time may be dark, but all regrowth starts in the darkness of a seed.” ― Daris LaPointe

Let us be instrumental in beginning that regrowth and imagine not just a “new normal” but a “better normal.” A normal where businesses take on the responsibility of being there for their communities, their customers and their employees. We have an opportunity, as well as a responsibility, to align our businesses with the greatest societal needs to create a path to a flourishing future for everyone. And we can do so in a way that improves our ROI on social investment. Right now, that means enrolling our leadership teams, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to embrace new innovation and strengthen the nonprofit infrastructure.

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